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Our Story

Worthington Rail's history can be traced back over 45 years to the foundation of Worthington Industries in 1975.

At that time Worthington Industries was established as a supplier of preservative-treated timber and plywood products. Predominantly servicing the building industry, Worthington Industries grew rapidly and went on to win numerous industry awards for excellence.


With an ongoing focus on research and development, Worthington Industries developed its proprietary Fire-X® formula. This technology enabled the company to commence supplying fire-retardant plywood panels to Australian train and tram manufacturing and maintenance industries.


Through ongoing research and development and continuous improvement, the company’s product range and capabilities in Rail expanded rapidly over the years. As a result, in 2020 we embarked on the next exciting chapter of our journey with the establishment of Worthington Rail.

Built on the sum total of over 45 years of industry experience, today Worthington Rail is your dedicated local manufacturing partner for rolling stock interiors.

Enterprse way - faded - old look v04.JPG
Laboratory faded IMG_9914 -  v04.JPG
Worthington old foyer & wood logo faded
Fire X tank faded.JPG
Fire-X® Testing, 1979
Only this model
was treated with Fire-X®
Fire X after 1  minute v04.JPG
After 5 minutes
Fire-X test After 10 minutes v04.JPG
After 10 minutes
Fire-X test After 45 minutes v04.JPG
After 45 minutes
Example of early rail interior product , treated with  Fire-X®
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