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Specialised Capabilities

At Worthington Rail, our expert team can design, test and realise specialised products for train and tram interiors. 

Whether it's a new material, changed fire specification, or unusual product geometry, Worthington Rail can help you to make it happen. Click on the icons below to learn more.

Design, development & Innovation


Research and Development is a core business activity at Worthington Rail. We continually review new product and process opportunities to deliver the most cost-effective solution for your application.

We offer our clients support with product design optimisation, cost estimation/budgeting, prototyping, testing/certification, right through to project-volume manufacture and after-sales service.

Testing & Compliance

Whether it's reaction to fire, mechanical properties or chemical content, Worthingnton Rail has established the necessary network of accredited partner laboratories to test and certify your product.

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Fire-X® Fire Retardant Treatment

Worthington's proprietary Fire-X® formula is applied in-house via a vacuum and pressure impregnation process.


This provides wood-based products with greatly enhanced fire retardancy, consistently achieving a zero Spread Of Flame index under AS1530.3.

Curved Panels

Worthington Rail can manufacture single-axis curved panels in both composite and plywood substrates.

Whether it's to serve form or function, our panel curving capabilities open up your design possibilities.

Anchor-Curved Panels
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